Aosta InsurServ

Aosta InsurServ

InsurServ was designed by Underwriters for Underwriters.


This engine allows the intake of all Unstructured and Structured data from all data sources within all Insurance services and to deliver that information in a trustworthy, concise package where an Underwriter can make a truly supported risk assessment.

Another key component, InsurServ can provide automated solutions in both Structured and Unstructured modalities hunting key words, key medications, diagnostic coding and individualized parameters to fit the individualized needs of the Insurance space. There is a giant push to integrate AI, ML, NLP, etc. into the Insurance workspace, but again, tried and true algorithmic practices provide a solid foundation to adopt AI, ML, NLP, etc. InsurServ does this as well.

We have an unmatched team of data scientists who have a rich understanding and real world expertise in the application of AI inside the medical/healthcare/insurance spaces.


We know that EHR’s are the future; however, a partner who understands the current variance and can deliver solutions in both worlds effectively is what Aosta does and InsurServ is the platform we do it with.


“We have recognized the need for these types of solutions where the insurance industry can partner with Aosta to assist them in saving time and growing revenue with a true end to end delivery in this very competitive space”, according to Dr. Mohan Gounder, MD.