Backbone Pharmacy

Aosta’s Pharmacy module provides a robust platform for any Hospital or standalone Pharmacy Establishment to set up the Wholesale or Retail platform with ease

Aosta’s Pharmacy module can function as a standalone system or can be integrated to any other HIMS platform or 3rd party systems giving a seamless experience to any hospitals. The module provides comprehensive integration needs like CIMS , Drug Database, VAT etc


  • Web based
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Can be integrated with CIMS or any 3rd party system
  • SMS support
  • Report friendly
  • VAT Compliance


  • Drug Masters
  • Purchase Masters
  • Billing
  • Returns
  • Issues
  • Reports
  • Employee performance, VAT details etc


  • Expiry List
  • Master List
  • Stock List
  • Stock Transfer List
  • New items List
  • Purchase Report
  • Item Receipt
  • Purchase Order view
  • Day Receipt List
  • Stock Updation
  • Issue Report
  • Outstanding Details
  • Day Sales List
  • Pharmacy Sales Send
  • Receipt Details
  • Exception Reporting
  • Stock Date List
  • MFR Stock and Sales Sent
  • Day Receipt List
  • Non Moving Report
  • Stock Adjustment List
  • Movement Report
  • ABC Analysis
  • Profit Analysis
  • Drug Available List
  • Stock and Sales


  • Stock Register
  • Consolidated List
  • Item Transaction
  • Employee Performance
  • VAT Lists
  • Stock Updation
  • VAT Sales
  • VAT Details
  • VAT Consolidated List
  • VAT Form I



Aosta can provide the pricing on a standalone basis for Wholesale or Retail mode.


Aosta’s consultants will do a Gap Analysis and provide a report on implementation plans. The Pharmacy module can be deployed on “standalone” basis or can be integrated with any other 3rd party systems.